Yasuke Ep:5 Overview

A recap of everything important that happened in episode 5

New power

Saki passes out due to her new powers growth. She is under attack from the celestial plane by the Daimyo. The daimyo wants to absorb Saki and her powers. Morisuke follows Saki into the celestial realm to protect her. Saki’s power can rejuvenate and allow the ancient daimyo to  continue living for hundreds of years.


Yasuke goes to the approaching army alone and request to settle things the old way. The demon general appears to be one of the samurai yasuke used to work with under him lord. yasuke managed to hold off the demon general long enough for the flank to invade and a push from the rear. even the mercenaries showed up to help yasuke at saki’s requests. After a long battle yasuke defeats the general when he suddenly seemed weaker.

Saki’s fight

saki must fight against the diamyo’s absorption. She finds a way to tap into the life force to push back the evil diamyo regaining control of herself. While fighting the daimyo, Saki appears next to yasuke but time is frozen. She had sucked out some of the power the diamyo had gifted the general. Giving Yasuke a much better chance at victory. Returning to the spiritual realm she proceeds to push the diamyo back away from Saki’s power.



The victory was short lived as more waves of army’s approached the school. Leaving no choice for yasuke but to run leaving many to behind to die. Now yasuke and Saki both leave the school heading for the diamyo looking for a fight.

Diamyo: At this point still not much is known about the diamyo. all that has been explained is that it is an ancient being seeking more power.

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