Yasuke Ep:4 Overview

A recap of everything important that happened in episode 4


Yasuke now owes Saki a life debt meaning he is going to help her. While discussing their situation yasuke discovers the special doctor up streams name is morisuke. A man yasuke once knew from back when he served his old lord. Morisuke was not meant to doctor saki but to train her powers.

Warrior: Morisuke used to be a capable man that lead armys under the same old lord as yasuke. Although he is fallen back from fighting and runs a school now.

Yasuke agrees to take saki to the doctor but not by river, not after the recent attack near the river the diamyo are sure have more guards posted up river side. They must travel by land if they are to survive a trip to Morisuke.

                  New danger

It seems the diamyo have taken an interest in this new power that has surfaced(saki). Sending a group to capture the girl. The diamo had sent thugs into villages to beat and pillage till they got answers. Yasuke appears and puts a stop to their wild acts. Leaving only the leader of this group and yasuke alone to fight. Until Yasuke quickly finds out he is not alone as saki saves him once again during this fight.


A man who lives under the shadow’s of the diamyo while training a resistance to be ready when the day comes for an attack on the diamyo. After saki displays her power morisuke is in shock and has also been waiting for a prophecy of this power to come.


After discovering the school morisuke is running tasuke decides to leave saki here alone to learn. When leaving the territory the episode ends with yaske standing outside the gate facing an army marching forward towards the school.

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