Yasuke Ep:3 Overview

A recap of everything important that happened in episode 3


The previous episode ended in a bar fight that ended with Yasukes capture. Yasuke now is bound by chains in the center of town and is being framed for the murder of Saki’s mother by the priest. The young samurai see’s Yasuke tied up and runs away refusing to believe the priest’s words. The priest also claims to need the town to help find Saki for him for she must be all alone in the woods without her mother.

Priest’s goals

He speaks of a prophecy that speaks of a power that a mortal body cannot contain. Saki is that power and he wants to keep her safe from dark forces that will abuse her power. I.E. The diamyo

          Display of power

A short fight breaks out in the middle of a market. Saki is being chased by 2 of the mercenaries and shows herself to attack(with fruit) then tries to fly away using her power. The robot mercenary is able to keep up with is own rocket feet. After a short chase Saki escapes.

Saki’s strength: After being found by the 2 mercs again Saki quickly displays a skillful use of her power with great control forcing them to bring her to the priest.

another fight: instantly after an intense fight scene both yasuke and Saki manage to kill the mutant priest.


Mercenaries live by a rule and that is to get paid. After the fight left the priest(the client) dead the mercs no longer had any reason to chase after Yasuke or Saki any longer. They collect the cash from the dead mans body and allows both Saki and yasuke to leave freely. Its all just good bussiness.







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