Yasuke Ep:2 Overview

A recap of everything important that happened in episode 2

Enemy Motivation

The group of 4 enemies that attacked yasuke have reveled their intentions and their buyer. These 4 are a mercenary group that works for pay. An old priest seems to have paid them to take the girl. Not much is known why he wants the girl yet but its been said that ” The girl is key to controlling Europe and the catholic church”


The little girl who we find out is named “Saki”. Not long after the battle yasuke finds his way out of the river on a piece of side land. He reconvenes with Saki on land, she asks about where her mother is. The only thing he was able to save from the mother was a necklace that snapped while under water. Yasuke refrains from teller Saki about the necklace.


A flashback to Yasukes past. He is one of 5 samurai sent to take over land in the name of their lord. After arriving on this land Yasuke is thrown to the wolves by his own general. Yasuke is to fight multiple people   alone with no help from his fellow samurai. Yasuke quickly takes care of all the combatants alone but is still met with shame and dishonor from his fellow samurai because he is black. His lord is pleased and praises Yasuke for his work. His lord is one of the few that can see past Yasuke’s skin and commends him on all his hard work.


After returning to the village Yasuke reveals to Saki that her mother is dead while drinking at his normal seat at the bar. Saki runs off crying. Not long after Saki leaves the mercenaries and their “boss” walk into the bar asking yasuke for the location of Saki. Yasuke refuses and a fight quickly breaks out.

Saki’s powers

Still not much has been disclosed about Sakis power or how it could “control Europe” it seems like powers are somewhat common in this world considering 3 of the 4 mercenaries has some kind of power. After Saki was sent from the bar crying you can see the plants and trees waving away from Saki as her body emitted a light pulsing of power.


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