Yasuke Ep:1 overview

A recap of everything important that happened in episode 1.

A servant turned into a warrior. As Yasuke home is burned to the ground by an evil army he is left alone to live with nowhere to go.

Burning Home

A giant army encroaching on yasuke’s home territory. With the territories arm wiped out the only choice anyone had at living was to run. Instead of running from his land the lord(yasuke’s best friend) decides it is time for him to reclaim his honor by committing seppuku much to yasukes dismay.


Yasuke appears to have found a life for himself working on the river as a simple “Black boats man” in a small village. In this small village a young boy claims he wants to be a samurai and tries to attack Yasuke seemingly every day. Although, it doesn’t state how the boy figured out Yasuke had any abilities greater than everyone else. This young “samurai” visits a friend in town that is sick. Although, she seems ill she somehow creates a glowing light while holding the young samurai’s wooden sword breaking it in two. the mother shows up seconds later and is clearly distraught by this.


According to the young girls mother she must go down river to see a special doctor about a weeks walk away. This being a land full of danger, where those with any kind of power can do whatever they want. The young samurai asks the boatman to help. After the boats man turned them down once claiming it to be to dangerous. He shows up later in the day only planning on taking the mother and daughter. Leaving the young samurai behind in the village.


as they journey down stream they are attacked by 4 unnamed enemies. A fight quickly breaks out, Not long after the fight starts the mother gets attacked and looses her left arm. The child seeing this happen and in shock displays a similar power to the one that broke the young boys wooden sword. this blast was on a much larger scale blasting Yasuke the mother and the 4 assailants away, Ending the first episode.

JoJo’s Reference

Is that a jojo’s reference?!

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