Xbox free game of the month 5/21

Free games of the month available for the month of may 17th

1: Dungeons 3

Developer: Realm forge studio

Multiplayer: (2-4) online multiplayer/(2-2) online co-op


The main goal of this game is to create your own dungeon full of monsters. While the monsters under your control will help you expand your dungeon you must also be weary of enemy.

defenses: By placing defenses inside the dungeon you can keep your previous resources safe from outside attacks.

Attack: after building an army from your dungeon you may go up to the human world to claim their territories for yourself

2: Armello

Developer: League of geeks

Multiplayer:(2-4) Online multiplayer


explore the tabletop world slaying monsters hiring help you finish your end goal. The End goal being to storm the castle to. Take it back to become the new king/queen.

Open tabletop world: where strategy is important with some extra components. This also contributes to the RPG side of the game.

Card game: strongly uses cards in the game play to determine outcome.

RNG: Taking a metaphorical and literal roll of the dice. You must roll dice during your turns to fully decide what the. Outcome. Would be. This concept is known as RNG(RandomNumberGenerator) this uses a random line of code that will determine the outcome of the events.

3: Tropico 4

Developers: Haemimont Games

Single Player


Didn’t work for me: I was unable to get this game to run properly so with no in game experience I can only say what the game is to be.

The game seems to focus on a power struggle between leaders in the world the main point of the game is to have the “most money in an off shore bank account.

360 emulator: The main issue with the game lies withing the xbox360 emulator. It never seems to work properly, always closing mid use of the app or just not opening at all it is horrible.

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