What Is A Good Anime To Watch?

So many genres exist with in anime and with each genre comes the most popular shows. Im gonna give you some of my picks for anime I’ve watched over the years.

what you think you are looking for

There are plenty of subjectively “Good Anime To Watch” but the question is, what are you looking for? could be action? could be drama? maybe a comedy?(No “Dirty” anime genre recommendations)

If you just want some anime names then here:



                       Future Diary                               HunterXHunter                            Akame Ga Kill     





          Angle Beats,                                     Erased,                                         Steins;Gate




       School Rumble                                    Konosuba,                           One Punch Man




    Golden Time                                 Toradora                            Your Lie In April


The Classics

Every medium of entertainment has shows or ideas that settles itself in said medium to last throughout the years thus you create a “Classic” piece of media. For example Cowboy Bebop is one of these classics. Cowboy Bebop is one of the shows that made anime more main stream throughout the years. This show is one show that aged well, I recommend this to anyone that hasn’t seen it.

Some Classics are a bit old but still worth watching 0:

Cowboy Bebop:

Cowboy Bebop has universal critical acclaim, every bit of this show is massively loved from the characters to the plot to the soundtrack. It is still one of the most respected anime classics in the world. Just give it a watch



must watch anime top ten on my list of favorites easily. An action show about a powerful vampire named Alucard as the focus of the show. A horror/supernatural anime series this anime classic and its remake, Hellsing: Ultimate, are definitely some of the best vampire anime.


Horror Genre

A genre that I think is hard to pull off in anime is the horror genre. I don’t think I’ve ever found an anime that id classify as horror. (horror and gore are mot the same thing)I’ve seen some disturbing scenes in anime but I wouldn’t classify any of it as “horror” remember the bunnies from Blood C? I imagine that was supposed imply the feeling of horror or despair Id call that discomfort at best.

Not to say that any of these “horror” anime are bad i actually really enjoy the genre even though they haven’t seemed to deliver yet. I’m just saying I haven’t had a truly bone chilling experience watching any of these. non the less still worth the watch.

(If you have any recommendations or questions leave a comment)

These are some anime that fall under the “horror” genre:


              Tokyo Ghoul                                         Parasyte                                 Deadman Wonderland





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