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These are my Top 3 anime with light descriptions about the show without spoiling anything beyond the first episode. I hope this list is what you were if it isn’t or if you have any feed back please leave a comment.

This is a show that has held the top spot of my list for a while. Code Geass was the first anime I watched the really just hit every point for me. From the giant mech fights to the bouncy bouncy plot that is Shirleys chest. There is a lot about Code Geass id like to get into but ill leave this as a brief summary of the first episode.

The main character (lelouch) is a super genius high schooler. The show portrays him as having higher intellect then his peers as he is skipping class to go play a high stake, winner takes all chess match. Not long after he wins the match he is on the way back to school. Through some good old fashion random chaos of the universe, Lelouch gets stuck in the back of a military cargo vehicle that has been stolen by terrorists.

The Birth Of Zero:

A high speed chase commences at which point the stolen cargo truck is broken down under ground in the abandoned train tunnels. From the back of the truck lelouch is given a Devine power called a “Geass”. Lelouchs specific Geass gives him the ability to give any person a command and they will have to follow his order no matter what.(Even if ordered to shoot yourself the order must be carried out) Lelouch is found by military officers and is held at gun point about to die. Until he takes his new power out for a walk and “deals” with that situation.

After obtaining this new power he finds himself on a battlefield of mechs(nightmares)  He ends up with no where to go so with no other options he takes the role of guiding the terrorists and himself away from the Britanian military togeteher. While Lelouch is helping the terrorists escape he finds himself enjoying the thrill of being able to change this corrupt world with this new gift of his. He finds a greater goal then simply escaping he want blood. This is when he comes up with his alter ego “Zero”.


One piece is a bit of a different story from Code Geass especially since I can talk about more than the first episode. This is the anime I could not in good conches tell anyone to start one piece is 2021. With over 900 episodes to date and still more coming out every week this is way to long a show for a recommendation. So ill just tell you why I love it.

One piece came out is 1999 it has always been apart of my life. Luffy the main character ate a mystical fruit that gave him the ability the stretch his body out like a rubber band. You are probably thinking that of all powers how is being stretchy so cool? he is able to apply real world logic to his abilities and makes the rubber body one of his most deadly skills.

The Endless Adventure:

Luffy isn’t the only one that ate a fruit to gain a mysterious ability. the fruit its self is called a devil fruit. Many people around the world of one piece has these devil fruit powers. Powers ranging from controlling sand, making appendages appear, turning into an elephant, becoming fire, causing earth quakes by clapping your hands. This show has so many random powers.

Luffy dreams of being “King of the pirates” he has been out at see since he was a boy. At the start of the show I believe he is 17 and still has no crew or even a boat. through out the early episodes he makes his way around island to island slowly getting people he deemed worthy enough to be on the crew. on episode 973 the most recent episode as of now he only has a crew of ten pirates. Luffy only accepts people he sees as strong enough to take care of themselves and are kind enough to not be an asshole.

The main reason I’ve watched the show for so long are the fights scenes. one-piece does a really good job at making you want someone punched in the face. Then when it comes time for said punch it is spectacular.

3.Full Metal Alchemist/brotherhood

This is a show I cant recommend enough. its not crazy long( .eps) it has an amazing story and if you love it enough there is “Full metal alchemists” which is the

original version of the show you can watch.

due to spoilers I’m gonna give a brief summary on this one.

The show is about the Elric brothers two brothers that broke a taboo in alchemy at a young age. The consequences of ignoring the “Law of equivalent exchange” can have disastrous costs. both Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric had paid this cost. Alphones losing his body and being bound to a suit of armor to live. and Edward losing his left leg and his right arm.

Both Elric brothers serve as “Dogs of the military” which means that they are state alchemists and work for this worlds government. They both strive for one goal and that’s to find a way to regain both of there body’s.

This is a show full of amazing fight scenes as well as character development. Every episode will have you wanting more answers to the ever growing mystery’s of this world.

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