Star Renegades: Best Team For First Win

Star Renegade is a long action rouglike game. Getting the first win can be a challenge but I will walk you through my first win and why it is the best team to use.


The Team Comp

More than just these three will join you in your travels but this is a good starting choice this article will explain why.


Saboteur:(Nodo Kalthoris) He carries and fights with a pair of dual pistols and is able to rapidly dash and blink across the battlefield. Capable of dealing major stagger on single target enemies. As well as being able to use stuns.


Valkyrie:(Wynn Syphex) She carries a sword to deal massive melee hits with light stagger. Tearing down armor to boosting a single teammates damage by +50%. Also, makes good front line starter.


Archon:(Xurx Nrza) Uses Gauntlets to fight. Dealing low to mid damage AOE(area of effect) attacks with a light stagger AOE to start. Also, has the ability to regen self/allies shields.


Heart abilities

Every Hero in the game has a relationship bar. When you build the bar by using cards on allies when camping, The heroes unlock new buffs and attacks for each other. Each relationship heart for these three are recorded below.






  • 1 Heart = (+20 max HP)
  • 2 Hearts = Combo: Cataclysm (Heavy Damage AOE)
  • 3 Hearts = (+40 max HP)


  • 1 Heart = (+5 shield regen per round)
  • 2 Hearts = Combo: Cataclysm (Heavy Damage AOE)
  • 3 Hearts =(+10 Shield regen per round)



  • Type: AOE
  • Cost: 15 fury (points)
  • Damage: 60
  • Crit: +30 Damage
  • Armor teared: 8
  • Stagger: 10s





  • 1 Heart = (+20 max HP)
  • 2 Hearts = Combo: Righteousness (any single target stun)
    3 Hearts = (+40 max HP)


  • 1 Heart =(+5s Stagger)
    2 Hearts = Combo: Righteousness =(any single target stun)
  • 3 Hearts =(+10s Stagger)



  • Type: Single/any target
  • Cost: 20 fury (points)
  • Damage: Varies
  • Crit: Varies
  • Effects: Stun, bleeding





  1. Heart = (+5 shield regen per round)
  2. Hearts = Combo: Titan Blood rune(AOE+Return Fire)
  3. Hearts =(+10 Shield regen per round)


  • 1 Heart =(+5s Stagger)
    2 Hearts =Combo: Titan Blood rune(AOE+Return Fire)
    3 Hearts =(+10s Stagger)

Titan Blood rune:Combo

  • Type: AOE
  • Cost: 30 fury (points)
  • Damage:Varies
  • Crit: Varies
  • Effects: Return Fire(will shoot any attacking enemy until next turn.)



Each character can create a combo attack with another. all attacks are different depending on the heroes involved. One of the most important things is to plan out your combo usage. Cataclysm is the fastest way to clear out enemies early in a fight or to just start with a huge damaging AOE. You must create a relation ship with Valkyrie and Archon to the 2nd heart to unlock Cataclysm. At that point it is up to the player to have fury and spend it sparingly.


The Play

Characters and what level is best to rush.


Archon:lvl 5

Lvl2:Ability-Titans strength
Lvl 3:Card-Preach

Lvl 4:Ability-Celestial Smash

Lvl 5:Card-Consecration

shield regen is a huge part of staying alive while in long engaments. Lvl 10 archon is a good character to max due to his final ability that recovers the entire teams shields.


Valkyrie:lvl 4


Lvl1:Comforting Words


Lvl 3:Card-Syphexian wit

Lvl 4:Ability-Sunder

A little extra Stagger is always nice to have. Getting Valkyrie to lvl 10 you can have a nice to have heavy damage stagger “chop”.


Saboteur:lvl 4

Lvl1:Card-Charming Rogue

Lvl2:Ability-Trick Shot

Lvl 3:Card-patter

Lvl 4:Ability-Plant Explosives/Detonate

Stagger is such a nice tool to have getting saboteur is a good way to almost guarantee enemy turn breaks. Low damage high stagger is a good trade off.


Rush Cataclysm

Besides just using this team and getting to level the most important ability to rush in this run will be Cataclysm. as soon as you get the ability you can wipe out entier low level fights with multiple enemies using one move. Cataclysm has massive AOE damage and you will be using it through the entire run. After you rush cataclysm try to focus on more single target high damage attacks.


If you have any questions or want to leave a comment please do.


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