Last Oasis


Last oasis is full of danger around every turn. Without the proper knowledge of the world and the way it works, you are going to struggle. This article will be covering some basics to surviving in this cruel race against the sun.


Without water Your character will DIE. There are various ways to obtain water in last oasis but early game you are going to be focusing mainly on cactus for water. Using both cactus and wood you can survive for a long time.

How: there are several ways to create drinkable water (purification station, stomper, campfire) campfire being the easiest right off the start. A campfire requires an input(cactus) and fuel(wood) to create water. Both the input and the fuel can be changed based on your progress in the game.Purified Water

Travel: Water is such a precious resource and you should never stop making more. Not only is water used for survival but, for travel as well. The game uses water within your walker to determine how far you can travel to surrounding tiles. So stock up on water it will always be useful.


When it comes to starting off I like to get the tools farther down to upgrade tree. These tools may be a bit hard to craft at first but what you get back is pretty worth it. With several tools all being used for specific items which one is best to start?

Raw bone hand axe: this axe might take a while to make for the first time but it is way better than the starting axe. Giving you two to three times the amount of materials. These numbers only get better as you upgrade more down the tree.


Every Player starts off with the firefly Walker as you gain more fragments you will unlock more walkers. It is important to know what walker will work best for you.

Your walker: not every walker is for every person, everyone has their own personal preferences. But it is still important to know what ships you/your clan should use. Some walkers are made to be small and agile, while others are hulking pieces of machinery that can dwarf mountains.

               Spider walker

Personal walker: a personal walker is a walker that you go out and scout/farm with. Typically, the smaller walkers(in comparison)are taken out for these tasks. Being sometimes smaller like a “Spider walker” makes being seen by enemies less likely and helps with losing a tail if being followed.

Clan walker: A clan walker is something a bit larger that allows for multiple mates to be aboard and ready to attack. A “Hornet walker” is a good example of a clan ship. This ship has open floor space on the front and up top for weapons. With an open cage as an undercarriage that player can leap down from to attack smaller ships under the Hornet.

Packing: you can pack small walkers inside of larger walkers by making a “Small base walker packer” with this you can pack smaller walkers into the “base” storage of a larger walker. You must have a base on the ground from a larger style walker to place down the “Small base walker packer”. A “Large base walker packer” is also available.

Me: I personally like to use a “Stiletto walker” with a “Firefly walker” packed inside.


A raiding game: this is a game where you are encouraged to fight other players for loot and push for supremacy. But there are some people that will bully you just because they can. Bew

are of these people. Bigger clans have the resources to blow up what ever they want and it only takes 1 person with power to completely stop new players from advancing.

Talking: Talking to other players is a huge part of this game. Being able to make nice with the local populace is a good way to not get raided and gain a little support. Just by knowing a few names of people in a different clan could save your walker one day.

PKers:(Player Killer) This game has it fair share of PKers with typically at least one in every server. However, these people range from there intent.

Fun: PvP can be fun and people go out looking for it. some fly around on wing suits looking for players just so that they can land and have a fight. These people just want a fun fight between players. Ive seen these players knock people out put good loot into the unconscious players inventory then fly away.

Toxic: most of the players I typically meet were nice. They wanted to give helpful information even after they killed me once. They understood I was new but some just wanted to watch the world burn. Stealing everything a new player has and blowing up there ship. It can happen to you too.

Keep an eye out, watch the horizon and don’t fully trust anyone not in your clan.


Pretty straight forward the travel system using water to cover distance from tile to tile.

Tiles: each tile has its own map and loot that can be gained on said map. Starting off on the easiest map where no player besides new players can enter. After the

 first tile it gets harder and more competitive for the loot you want.

Difficulties: each tile has its own difficulties. The difficulty directly ties into what map you are getting. Only certain maps can appear under the difficulty medium. same goes for hard tiles and

Hard: While medium is plentiful with basic materials like wood and mushrooms. Hard is the best spot to gain fragments although as the name suggests it will be more difficult. It’s  a spot  to get a lot of fragments, it could be a highly populated area.

more Tile information here


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