Last Oasis Best Fragment Farming

How to farm inside the volcanic environment tile.

Hard Tiles

Hard tiles are the best place to farm out fragments. Specifically the volcanic map. This map has an abundance of fragments, water, bones, hide and more.

Volcanic Tile

there is a specific way to farm on this map. If you have been on this map before then you have seen the “Dragons”. These dragons will attack certain ship that sail into this area.


Dragons: To avoid the dragons you must close the sails of your ship has them. Dragons will only attack walkers that have sails out. Walkers without sails at all will be completely ignored by the beasts.

Lava: very dangerous for both the player and walker. Falling into lava will do massive damage DOT(Damage Over Time) to the player the same goes for any walker. Walkers will be completely destroyed


Fragments:The spawned stone towers on this map is the best way to farm fragments. A single structure could produce up to 50 fragments per.

Bones: At the lava pits on the map are giant petrified structures. The structures over the lava are full of bones and are the best way to farm out a bunch quick.

Hide:Killing the dragons is the best way to obtain hide. if you use a/few spider walkers using ballistas it only takes 3 shots with a flint bolt to kill one.


This area is a hard map, it hurts and you must have the proper armor and weapons.

Drops: luckily this map is generous with spawning good gear. Forester armor is the armor you want to look out for.

Rupu Men: These camps spawn all over the place. When starting off you can grind out some of these in hopes of getting the good drops.


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