Genshin Impact: Basics Looting/Mechanics



scattered around each area has its own collectables on the entire map.

use these to pray at specific statues that gives EXP as well as materials and extra stamina.


This symbol on the map indicates a Geoculus location


the map is used for a multitude of reasons besides just being a map fast travel and finding hidden things a a good use of the map and mini map. Things like geoculuses and the other types appear on the mini map even when hidden. a website was made to show all of the hidden secrets on the entire map. The super map


Geo Plates

When you find one of these plates they will glow when you stand on them. you must have a character with a geo ability that slams into the ground to earn a chest for loot.

Flying Up Draft:

While Flying in mountainous areas you can catch a small updraft that will give you a little extra height


Walk through the spirit to start its path home. follow the sprit to its home of stone to earn a chest for loot.

Water Chests:

loot boxes spawn in water in the form of floating debris


Balloon Plant :

Will spawn 3 teal bubbles you must pop to collect a chest




Flaming Flower:

A plant that’s on fire you will need a water character to douse the plant to collect the flower


All around every corner of the map has enemies to fight from bosses to grunts never underestimate a fight.


Its dangerous everywhere… Try not to die

Genshin Impact

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