Destiny 2: Leveling Fast

New characters starting off fresh? This is the best way to quickly build up light until you hit about 1260 light. Then you need to start your pinnacle climb


When you own all the DLC’s every fresh character in destiny 2 instantly gets boosted to light level 1100. Starting you off with the main story missions on europa. While running through the story you should you will obtain multiple quests for various tasks.

Exo Stranger/variks

Follow all the quests the Exo stranger and Variks gives. After doing those quests you will obtain stasis a new subclass most of the missions after you obtain stasis for europa will involve using stasis abilities.



Exotic Quests

Completing exotic quests will give you exotic items. Exotic items will have the best stats in the game. While quickly raising in level you will leave you new exotic behind in favor of a higher level one. Later on when you are a higher level you will be able to pull up the light level of guns and armor you once used that rolled good stats. It is important to min/max a new character if you want to raise the ranks quickly. Min/Maxing properly includes you taking off gear when it is out dated.

Min/Max:when you are of minimal level but can maxamize your potential stats.

Armor Gear

Each piece of Armor gear has its own roll of stats giving a (+X) as a value to a given character stat.


  • Increases your movement speed and maximum jump height.


  • Increases the amount of damage you can take before dying.
  • Reduces the amount of damage you take when breaking out of stasis.


  • Warlock class: Reduces the cooldown of your class ability;increases the speed at which you regain lost health.


  • Discipline decreases the cool down time of your grenades, allowing you to use them more often.
    • stasis abilities have longer cooldowns than arc, solar, and void abilities.


  • Intellect decreases the cooldown of your Super ability, allowing you to use it more often.
    • Stasis abilities have longer cooldowns than Arc, Solar and Void abilities.


  • Strength decreses the time of your melee ability, allowing you to use it more often.
    • Stasis abilities have longer cooldowns than Arc, Solar, and Void abilities.

Specs Rolls

when getting new gear you ust decide what to keep and a good way to decide an armors worth is the over all added stats. Having a piece of gear with a “67” total added stats is a high number to have and definitly should consider keeping it.


The two most important stats to not let fall behind. While leveling always focus on your survivability in your gear.

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