Best site to buy anime figures

The site I have used having no issues with delivery time, quality or price:

Solaris Japan

Founded in 2008 in Tokyo, Solaris Japan is an online anime merch store for Japanese Figma, anime figures and Nendoroid. Solaris Japan sells a wide variety of items and merchandise. The site has plenty of Anime figures from One Piece, Dragon Ball, Death Note and Bleach and many more that’s why is my choice for “Best site to buy anime figures”…

Large figure selection

Solaris Japan has one of the largest supplies for anime figures that can also deliver

with no issues. With hundreds of anime to choose from you could spend hours looking through them all. Ranging from all different genres like:


Solaris japan has never treated me bad over the years and I hope the good service continues. Figures are always of good quality(in my experience). I always smile when I look at my figures because I know they are exactly what I paid for.

Sells other merch too

Not only does solaris have a large quantity of figures, they sell a wide variety of merch. The site sells all sorts of Games,Mugs, DVDs, Body pillows and much more. The anime DVD selection is so vast with over 1000 pages to look through to find your perfect anime. (most selections have multiple hundreds of pages)


Solaris Japan has all different forms of media:

Books               Music             Anime

Bad Experience:

I’m not sure if this has happened to you but ive been boned on some of my online purchases. I’ve gotten figures delivered to my house and the quality of the figure would not be what I was promised. ive had figures where the paint seems to be flaking or  worn out on certain parts of the figure. I had one come and 2 of the accessories were snapped already straight out of the box.

Easily my goto weeb site

I’ve used solaris japan for years I’ve also used other sites. Most of the time deliveries would be on time and no parts broken. All I’m trying to get at is that solaris japan is a trusted site that so far for me has always delivered if that’s enough for you then click on any of the images on this page.

or click on this link for more Solaris Japan:

for more anime still click here:

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