Best One Piece Fights

One Piece: spoilers

Providing short description of the events leading up to the fights and why the fight began in the first place.

may have some spoilers if you haven’t watched the fights yet.

Luffy Vs Katakuri

Short description of the events leading up to the fight:

After Luffy and his crew make it to big moms territory they are quickly split up across several different islands within big moms territory. Luffy and his crew are here to save there ships cook Sanji.  The crew spends most of the arc separated working on there own goals to ultimately save Sanji and themselves. Katakuri is one of big moms sons but not just any son he is the strongest son she has. Katakuri is vigilant and doesn’t let Luffy go though with his convoluted scape plan without a fight.

Both Katakuri and Luffy end up fighting in a dimension of mirrors. an open space closed of to the rest of the world the only person who can bring you into this dimention is being held hostage. Luffy is racing against the clock to meet up with his friends to escape together. Katakuri is not gonna let him leave so easily.

Luffy&Law Vs Doflamingo

Short description of the events leading up to the fight: Watch for the first fire hawk punch luffy throws.

Doflamingo the biggest black market dealer for counter of artificial Devil Fruits, The SMILE company. Luffy and his crew manage to agitate doflamingos entire island while trying to win a prize anonymously from a tournament hosted here. After the straw hats are discovered it becomes fight city.

Everyone is throwing hands, then when they are done throwing hands they get to throw more hands. honestly this arc has to have the most amount of fights within a certain amount of episodes. Eventually After destroying flamingos supply of smile and stealing the prize from the tournament and a ton of fights Luffy and Law make there way to the top of doflamingos castle where he is waiting.

Luffy Vs Celestial Dragon

Short description of the events leading up to the fight: Luffy punches my mans so hard the anime turns back into the manga.

Honestly not much of a fight this one. The celestial Dragons are the highest of royal names in onepiece. Celestial dragons live there life on the top of everything. No one denies a celestial dragon let alone touches one. The tales of the celestial dragons not getting what they want or being agitated normally will lead to an event called a “Buster call”.

The “Buster Call” is the strongest military action possible, performed only under special circumstances. The target of a Buster Call is usually to destroy anything from a criminal, A group of criminals or an entire island that has proven to be extremely dangerous to the World Government. The celestial dragons can apparently call on whenever they want.

akainu Vs White Beard

Short description of the events leading up to the fight:

The marine ford war is a war that starts over one man being put to the gallows for execution. Ace is in marine custody being escorted to the gallows. As they are about to complete the execution Luffy shows up and turns the showing off of marine power into a war. White beard, the captain of ace’s allegiance. Brings his entire force to hep free his subordinate. Admiral akainu during the massive had finally taken the life of ace. the fulcrum of this entire war. White bread in thrown into a rage when he is face to face with Akainu.

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