Armament Haki Sub Types

The Armament Haki subtype abilities that can be obtained

Armament Haki Sub Types

1:Haki Subtype Invisible Armor

This invisible armor type of Haki is a manifestation of the user’s aura to defend the body. The use of this ability is to attack the opponents as well as defend against attacks. using the arura around the user to create a distance. Charlotte Cracker uses on his biscuit soldiers that attack luffy on whole cake island.

2:Haki Subtype Hardening

This type uses haki to harden a black layer of Haki over whatever the user is wielding or the body. It is a form of haki used by most characters in the New World quickly becoming one of the most common abilities in the series. Some characters have upgraded the strength of their Armament to even cut through mountains(zoro on dressrosa)

3:Haki Subtype Byogou

Used by Katakuri, this type of Armament Haki seems to be the advanced version of Hardening  but has not been seen too much at this point. Byogou (Armament: Defense) was introduced when luffy fights katakuri. katakuri’s version of this abilities clearly being superior.


4:Haki Subtype Ryuuou

Like regular Haki, Ryuuou is the technique the people of Want use and have named “spiritual ability”. Ryuuou is similar to regular Haki, The biggest difference between the two are that hardening is a coating on the skin, Ryuuou is a flowing technique that Haki blasts out for more of a distance attack.

5:Haki Subtype Tribal Haki

When Luffy goes into Gear 4 the armament Haki turns into a tribal flame pattern. Not much about this Haki type has been revealed yet in the series. Although not much is known there is speculation that this Haki type allows the user to combine their Haki with their Devil Fruit powers.(I.E.) Katakuri’s mochi ability being able to stay sticky even when covered in haki.

So far, only Luffy, Katakuri, and Big Mom have showcased the ability to use this Haki type.

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