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About me

Hi everyone and welcome to my first attempt at making a website. Given that I’ve always loved anime it is one of the few things that has constantly been a part of my life, When i was growing up i didn’t socialize as much as my peers seemed to like. Often staying back if i can to make distance between me and everyone else. It was a lonely life for a while with only 2 friends i can care to remember.


With all of this free time i had given myself by being so “different” from everyone else. That is where anime comes in. Anime was/is my life. Without my obsession with this medium i would surly have fallen to a place most people don’t come back from. Anime is freaking awesome!


An anime can mean so much to any single person. Still most of my motivation through my life can be led back to anime I.e.(Plus Ultra!!!). The amount of raw emotion some of these characters are portraying is enough to change anyone’s life. With the intention of pulling at your heart strings to making you laugh till you’re about to throw up. Moreover top it all off with the coolest fight scene’s in the world!

My favorite part about anime is the all the collectibles and merch. I’m talking about the Figures, Pins, KeyChains, Clothes etc…

So many stupid things that for some reason gives me happiness just from looking at em.

Some seller’s suck

Have you ever purchased a figure online then when it showed up its broken?

I have and i learned 2 lessons from this

1. You get what you pay for (paid for a cheap piece? you get a cheap piece.)

2. Always read reviews and make sure sites are legit

I just want a cool website where weebs can come. I really have no idea what this site is gonna be yet.


A home for weebs


Founder of Anime Stills


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